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Why Nutrition?

The good news is that in this country we can now look forward to living a longer life than ever before (Public Health England 2016). The bad news is that our longer lives are more likely to involve chronic, disabling and, often, multiple health disorders: the current leading causes of death are dementia, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and cancer (Office for National Statistics 2016). A startling 40% of chronic diseases are potentially preventable with changes to our diets and lifestyles (Global Burden of Disease 2013 analysis, Newton et al. The Lancet 2015).

There is a bewildering variety of dietary and lifestyle advice available from the internet, magazines, and television celebrities but how accurate is it really? What will work best for you?

  • Should I be taking vitamin D?
  • Must I give up carbs?
  • Wear lycra?
  • Eat more kale? Less butter?
  • How can I reduce my risk of developing diabetes?

The truth is likely to be as diverse and individual as you are.

What to expect

On your first visit (half an hour or so) Ali will listen to your story, your concerns and what you want to improve. She will give you a four-day food diary and a questionnaire to complete. 

When you have completed and returned these to Ali she will analyse your dietary intake, consider your health concerns, your activity levels, any medication you take plus the demands that your life makes upon you. So, on your second visit (an hour to an hour and a half), Ali is in a position to advise you on beneficial and practical changes you can make backed up by up-to-date scientific research findings. 

A simple dietary analysis on its own or a report on an aspect of nutrition (e.g. a particular nutrient, the nutritional management of a health condition or of a life event such as pregnancy, older age, convalescence, etc.) are also possible. Follow-up appointments can be made as required.

What can Nutrition help with?

  • Improving energy levels
  • Cognitive function
  • Immunity
  • Digestive health
  • Healthy ageing

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